Converted Flexible Packaging Demand to Expand and Reach 6.8 Billion lbs. in 2008


CLEVELAND, OH, USA—According to industrial market research firm the Freedonia Group Inc., converted flexible packaging demand in the US is forecast to expand 2.4 percent yearly to 6.8 billion pounds in 2008, valued at $14 billion (US).

Freedonia also says such technological advances as breathable films and resealable stand-up pouches, as well as manufacturers' needs for higher performance packaging with enhanced graphics capabilities, will contribute to growth. These and other trends are compiled in Freedonia's latest flex-pack study Converted Flexible Packaging.

"Plastic films will continue to make inroads vis-a-vis their paper and foil counterparts, with particularly good growth increases for polypropylene film," explains Freedonia. "Research will focus on improving strength, sealing, barrier, and other packaging properties as well as graphic capabilities, while maintaining a competitive cost position," adds the Cleveland-based firm.

Paper Segment to Be Stimulated
Freedonia's latest flexible packaging study also surveys paper-based packaging. "Despite marginal demand growth, [paper packaging] will remain and important player, due to its low cost, environmental compatibility, and use in laminations," states Freedonia. "The paper segment will be stimulated by advances in technology and manufacturing techniques, spurring innovations in such areas as laminated packaging." Adds the firm, "Foils will maintain important niche applications where light, moisture, and other barrier properties are mandated, along with excellent aesthetics.

Converted Flexible Packaging is available for $3,900 (US) from the Freedonia Group. For more information, email the firm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit at

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