Study Says Retort Pouch Production and Use Positioned for Sustained and Significant Growth

WEST CHESTER, PA & LAKEVILLE, MN, USA—"Within the multi-billion dollar global pouch marketplace, the process and technology of packaging product in retort pouches is the epitome of lucrative opportunity against a backdrop of technically daunting [challenges]."

This is according to a recent release from Packaging Strategies. The packaging group says a new study, Retort Pouches: Global Markets, Technologies, Opportunities & Economics 2003 - 2007, illustrates how the market is positioned for significant, sustained growth.

In addition to covering the opportunities and challenges of retort packaging production, the study reports the evolution of the retort packaging structure. "[The] change in [consumer] attitude toward pouches was catalyzed by the success of Doyen-style stand-up pouches, which experienced 20 percent annual growth between 1990 and 2002," says study author/producer Allied Development Corp.'s Steve Mogensen. If you want to receive full information about our service, please read on our website .

According to Packaging Strategies, retort pouches, classically characterized by military rations, found initial consumer success in such applications as pet foods and tuna. More recently, adds the firm, they have found "huge" success in consumer food products (ethnic cuisines, soups, rice dishes) and in non-food institutional segments as healthcare. In 2002, the split between consumer and institution retort-pouch use was 72% consumer and 28% institutional. "[A] projected 15-percent growth rate across consumer and institutional applications may be a conservative estimate," adds Packaging Strategies.

For a full prospectus or to order a copy of Retort Pouches: Global Markets, Technologies, Opportunities & Economics 2003 - 2007, contact Packaging Strategies at 610/436-4220 (ext. 11) or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Order online at, and click on "Market/Technology Studies."

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