ExxonMobil Announces Performance Polymer

HOUSTON, TX | ExxonMobil has extended its Exceed XP performance polymers portfolio with the introduction of a new grade. Exceed XP 8784 is said to offer improved processability combined with extreme film toughness and sealing properties. This new product has been developed for high-performance coextrusion films used in laminated sacks, freezer films, barrier packaging, and sachets.

“Converters are looking for easier processing and higher output, while brand owners seek higher packaging speeds and a reduction of packaging materials,” says Alechia Crown, global performance polyethylene new product manager, ExxonMobil. “The processability of this new grade, combined with its toughness, stiffness, and sealing performance, makes it well-suited to deliver value across the supply chain.”

With a lower density, Exceed XP 8784 delivers improved sealing performance while maintaining outstanding stiffness and dart impact at the extreme performance levels of the Exceed XP platform.

Company says benefits for various applications are as follows:

For laminated sacks, the hot tack and stiffness/toughness/tear balance provided by Exceed XP 8784 can result in faster packaging speeds and high output.

For freezer films, the low temperature toughness and low SIT (seal initiation temperature) delivered by the new polymer can improve bag drop performance and reduce package failures.

For barrier packaging, the formability and stiffness/toughness balance provided by Exceed XP 8784 can result in improved package integrity and downgauging opportunities.

For sachets, the toughness and sealing performance offered by the new grade can deliver superior compression resistance and high packaging speeds.


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