Mitsubishi Issues Info on Shelf Life Extension

NEW YORK, NY | According to a new infographic from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, 48% of customers avoid foods with artificial preservatives and 35% avoid foods with artificial flavors. I.e., consumers want fresher foods with fewer additives and more natural nutritional value, and this means brands are challenged to leverage packaging technologies that can help food last longer without additional chemicals.

The infographic provides details on how removing oxygen from packaged foods can help brands meet consumer demands for fresh, natural foods. It offers information about how an oxygen-absorbing technology embedded within packaging film can remove the oxygen trapped within the package.

Now available for the first time as a resin, the company oxygen-absorbing technology reportedly can more than double the shelf life of food products without added preservatives. It is said to be ideal for retort packaging solutions, the technology has applications for dairy products, soups, dips, moist and wet pet foods, prepared meals and sauces, and organic and natural products.

“This infographic offers insights into how you can meet growing consumer demands for natural foods and extend shelf life at the same time,” says Sean Hael, manager, marketing and sales at Mitsubishi Gas Chemical.

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