Icma Paper Lining Suited for Fine Spirits

LECCO, ITALY | Icma has developed paper lining collections for the wine industry said to enable packaging to play a leading role while catering to two macro trends: one that refers to the values of nature and another that emphasizes the avant-garde breakthroughs typical of spirits.

The Mineral collection features six series with a total of seven swatch books and 76 papers, characterized by what is reported to be visually impressive colors and textures with a strong material consistency. These include the innovative “young copper” and what company says are some rare colors designed for gold, including a “tenuous green, a luxurious pink, and an accentuated bleaching that results in pale gold.”

According to the company, the high end of the wine and spirits industry requires specific communication and presentation, adding that when a product is really outstanding, the bottle isn’t enough to communicate its fineness and the values of the brand. What is needed is a coordinated packaging which, at the same time, carries out the dual task of presenting the product and protecting its rare content.

The company reports that it works with FSC-certified papers and adheres to the strictest environmental impact parameters.

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