Cosmo Films Installs New BOPP Line

DELHI, INDIA | Cosmo Films, a manufacturer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films for packaging, lamination, and labeling applications, reports the startup of its tenth BOPP line. With installation of this new line, the company will increase its annual capacity by 40%, taking it to 1.96 lakh MT.

The new 10.4-m BOPP line has been installed at company’s existing facility at Karjan, near Vadodara, India which already houses BOPP lines, extrusion coating and chemical coating lines, and a metallizer. Company says the line is the first 10.4-m line to be installed in the country and is equipped to deliver both superior quality products with minimized scratches, oil, or additive spots, and high surface energy as well as consistent quality due to automatic changeovers.The line is also capable of producing films as thick as 80 microns to cater to segments such as textiles that require thicker films.

The line output will cater to both domestic and export markets. The new line is part of a series of expansions which have been announced in the last one year by the company for both its India operations and its subsidiaries in US & Korea.

Cosmo CEO Pankaj Poddar says, “I am pleased to inform that the line has been installed ahead of its schedule and well within the projected capex of 200 crores. The high-speed line equipped with automated changeovers and automatic consumption of waste will not only lead to an increase in power savings but also help the company with its overall operational efficiencies. The new line is expected to contribute to substantial growth in sales and profit in Financial Year 2017-2018.”

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