DUNMORE Reports Technology for Fluoropolymer Films

BRISTOL, PA | DUNMORE Corporation reports new adhesion-promoting technologies for fluoropolymer films. Fluoropolymers are used for a variety of applications where robust characteristics are needed, such as high-traffic environments, exposure to abrasive chemicals, and outdoor use. The strengths of these high-end materials also present processing challenges, since the substrates are engineered to prevent adhesion, surface modification and laminating multilayered structures can be a design challenge.

In addition to low coefficient of friction, fluoropolymer films inherently feature chemical resistance, UV stability, weldability, moisture resistance, and mechanical strength, company says. These features reportedly make fluoropolymers a preferred choice for manufacturers looking for long-lasting, high-performance applications but also make them difficult to process.

Neil Gillespie, VP of technology for DUNMORE, says, “DUNMORE has been processing fluoropolymer films for over 15 years and continues to face unique material science challenges with our partners as they look to enter new markets with these technical materials. This latest success in adhesion-promoting technologies will enable us to work with our suppliers and customers to advance the use of these high performance materials.”

Company’s new adhesion-promoting technologies deliver increased functionality for fluoropolymer film manufacturers by enabling their substrates to be used in applications previously unattainable because printability, surface modification, and multilayer laminations were difficult to achieve with their substrates. The technologies enable company’s partners to add both esthetics and functionality through surface modification and multilayer laminations to replace incumbent materials with thin-film constructions.

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