ExxonMobil Adds to Exceed XP Portfolio

HOUSTON, TX | ExxonMobil is expanding its Exceed XP portfolio with the introduction of two new grades. These new grades reportedly deliver performance advantages for film converters and end-users in applications that include soft-shrink and food lamination packaging film

“We are excited to extend our recently launched Exceed XP portfolio with two new grades that provide our customers with additional options for applications that require extreme performance,” says Cindy Shulman, plastics and resins VP, ExxonMobil Chemical. “Since its launch, Exceed XP has been exceptionally well received in the market with customers reporting an unprecedented level of performance. The new grades we are introducing will broaden this impact.”

Company says these new grades, Exceed XP 6026 and Exceed XP 6056, provide outstanding processability with enhanced toughness, flex-crack resistance, sealability, balanced shrink performance, and good optical properties. For converters, the high melt strength of these polymers promotes greater bubble stability and improved output.

Exceed XP allows converters to cost-effectively fabricate films for extreme protection and preservation, including the following:

  • Soft-shrink packaging films with the controlled holding force and toughness for high integrity wrap, overwrap, and bundle packaging solutions that help brand owners protect delicate and irregularly shaped products from manufacturer to end-use. This includes food products like pizza, meat and cheese; delicate products including bathroom and kitchen tissues; and irregularly shaped products such as office supplies, stationery items, and air filters. Converters can use existing extrusion equipment, including monolayer lines, for a market that previously required investment in new machinery.
  • Food packaging films, including pouches and bags, with the toughness and sealing performance that enable brand owners to protect frozen or dry foods, meat and cheese products from production to consumption. The melt strength and toughness of the new films provide film downgauging opportunities while performance is maintained, reports company.


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