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Uflex Announces CPP Film

NODIA, INDIA | Uflex, a global flexible packaging solution company, has developed what it calls a Robust Seal Performance CPP (cast polypropylene) Film said to have widespread use in addressing different types of packaging needs and exhibiting superior sealing functionalities. 

Laminate with Robust Seal Performance CPP

According to company, film provides the following traits:

  • Low SIT (Seal Initiation Temperature): The SIT is 95 deg C, which allows the use of a high-speed f/f/s/ machine with excellent seal performance.
  • High and Broad Hot Tack Strength: Hot Tack Strength for the new film is >500 gm/25 mm over a broad temperature range (100–145 deg C). This is said to make it possible to run the laminate on all kinds and generations of f/f/s machines.
  • Good Hermeticity: The film reportedly demonstrates good seal through contamination, resulting in a fool-proof hermetic seal. This further ensures the absence of any leakage—a fact that is easily established by bubble test of the laminate of which this film is a part.
  • Good Optics: Optical properties of the laminate (such as haze and gloss) remain competent despite the engineering that goes into manufacturing the film, said to be better than standard CPP and PE Films.

Company says these features have made film’s application quite universal in nature. It is available in variants such as plain, metallized, and as white CPP. Applications include snack packaging, condiment packaging, and Over the Mountain (OTM) as the film offers good performance even at low atmospheric pressure. Reportedly, a two-layer laminate of this film can replace three-layered traditional laminates to withstand nitrogen flushing.

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