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FLEXcon Announces Fluorescent Outdoor Films

SPENCER, MA | FLEXcon, a supplier of adhesive coating and laminating, today announces the availability of STABRITE Outdoor Durable Fluorescent Films, described as a line of vivid and durable fluorescent films produced by affiliate SMV Technologies, (http://www.smvtech.com) San Antonio, TX.

The offering is available in three-year durable non-laminated (printable) and five-year durable overlaminated (EL) versions and is said to provide a high level of conspicuity during all lighting conditions. The material features the ability to absorb light from low-energy wavelengths and convert it to a selected visible wavelength, heightening visibility in low light conditions such as inclement weather and poorly lit indoor environments. The US Coast Guard uses STABRITE films for channel markers, which the company says is a true testament to the products’ ability to withstand exposure to salt water and intense UV radiation.

The non-laminated films are inherently printable and ideal for caution and warning labels in the automotive, durable goods, industrial equipment, and heavy equipment markets, as well as emergency signage in plant and warehouse environments. The overlaminated versions are designed for conspicuity markings such as plotter cut letters, numbers, and shapes.

“We are pleased to offer the STABRITE line of outdoor durable fluorescent films for a broader range of applications,” says Brian Ayers, product manager, Product Identification Business Team, FLEXcon. “This product line was developed to provide exceptional conspicuity over long distances, while also offering a range of market applications.…[We] are able to meet the needs of customers across a wide array of industries by providing unparalleled levels of brightness and, in turn, increasing standards of safety. While other materials suffer from rapid decay of the fluorescent colorants, especially outdoors, STABRITE films are long-lasting, even in the presence of intense UV exposure and high moisture.”


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