MonoSol Vivos Film is Food-Friendly

MERRILLVILLE, IN | MonoSol has expanded its film technology capability with food-friendly Vivos water-soluble films engineered to create individual pouches, sachets, or delivery systems. They are odorless, tasteless, and simply dissolve and disappear in hot or cold water or other liquids.

Vivos combines production-line ingredient delivery with an array of potential product and food manufacturing process savings. The in-plant delivery platform also enables brand marketers to launch, expand, and flexibly target product offerings more quickly and with greater precision than ever before. Ingredients delivered in Vivos packets reportedly will demonstrate the convenience, just-right dosage, ease, and speed of this patent-pending technology all at once.

"This type of in-plant food ingredient delivery offers tremendous payback potential," says Sumeet Kumar, senior manager of strategic marketing. "Vivos is not just another ingredient dosing system, but an opportunity for a new and highly practicable line production strategy.

"It's the easiest type of water-soluable packaging application to implement and track. In addition to direct production-line savings, using Vivos in manufacturing can help retail brand marketers bring new products to market in less time. They can more efficiently deliver seasonal, regional, or timely special offerings, create brand extensions, or otherwise respond more effectively to marketplace opportunities."


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