Polysack Films Suited for Food Wrapping Solutions


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL | Polysack Ltd., a manufacturer of MDO-based flexible packaging films for the beverage, food, and confectionery industries, offers several products, including the following:

Polyphane FIT is used for manufacturing wraparound shrink labels for bottles and curved containers. Company says this is the lightest-weight commercial high-shrink label and enables a labeling speed of more than 50,000 bph, producing nearly 0% scrap.

• Polyphane POP is a PE paper-feel film for wrapping lollypops, said to be easily sealable and easy to open.

Company reports it uses MDO technology to produce ultra-thin, light-weight, high-yield film with improved optical and moisture barrier properties compared to thicker films. Manufactured with mono-oriented, multilayer polyolefins, film is said to be enhanced by special characteristics such as deadfold and easy tearing in one direction and to achieve high-tensile strength properties, generating considerable savings in material and energy.

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