Amcor Flexibles Wins Two Alufoil Trophies

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND | Amcor Flexibles is the recipient of two awards in the prestigious Alufoil Trophy 2014 organized by the European Aluminium Foil Assn. (EAFA).

In the category of Consumer Convenience, Amcor EMEND Tri-pack Formpack with peelable lidding was awarded an Alufoil Trophy for its greatly improved openability and product protection. The product consists of a peelable lid blister pack, combining a lidding foil and a Formpack coldformed bottom web, provided by Amcor Flexibles for Merck Sharp & Dohme Australia (MSDA).

The EMEND Tri-pack Formpack with peelable lidding is used for medication to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by certain anticancer medicines. Due to the aluminum foil in both the lid and bottom web, the blister provides total barrier protection. It is also easier to handle for the patient, eliminating the risk of losing or damaging the capsules, which was an issue with the previous pack format, a larger walleted tri-pack that required the patient to push the tablet through the blister pack lidding for access. As a result of the change, MSDA has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of impacted products found by patients, helping to reduce costs, while increasing the drug's efficacy.

Speaking about the award, head of the judging panel Dr. Mark Caul, technical manager for Packaging at Tesco, explained, "This particular drug needs to be available when the patient is probably in some distress, so making it easier to access is a major benefit. Also, with an aging population, any format which helps people with less dexterity is very positive."

In the category of Marketing & Design, Amcor Flexibles was awarded an Alufoil Trophy for Belmoca coffee capsules. Belmoca, a producer of beverages, has chosen Amcor Flexibles material to create a very special and eye-catching packaging for their five flavors of premium coffee as well as a milk portion: All portions are packaged in shiny, diamond faceted aluminum capsules in different colors. The special design of the capsules helps underlining and differentiating the high product quality and also perfectly complements the company’s promotional slogan “Belmoca – a diamond in your cup.” With the diamond-shaped cups, Belmoca can be well distinguished as a premium brand in the fast growing market for coffee capsules.

Dr. Caul confirmed the view of his jury colleagues, “When packaging can really reflect the quality image the manufacturer, and retailer, want to deliver with such a high impact, then it is clearly a great piece of design. Add the message which has been attached to this product and this capsule could not be more effective—a gem of an entry which deserved the award.”

Apart from the strong marketing impact, the diamond faceting also brings additional strength to the capsules. The high barrier of the aluminum offers an excellent aroma protection and also allows for optimal storage of these rich aromas and tastes and thus guarantees the freshness of the product. The lid material for the coffee capsules is supplied by Amcor Flexibles as well.

Andrea Della Torre, R&D director Pharma, Pet Food, Retort and Technical Foils at Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas, said, "We are honored to be distinguished as an Alufoil Trophy winner for both our Food and Pharmaceutical product ranges. In the Consumer Convenience category, EMEND Tri-pack Formpack is a new packaging solution that greatly increases patient acceptance and compliance, key factors for a medication used in association with anticancer medicines. This trophy recognizes our R&D teams’ relentless efforts to work closely with customers to influence better health outcomes for patients. The Alufoil Trophy in the category Marketing & Design for our Belmoca® capsules and lidding material rewards our continuous focus on innovation and our commitment to finding better and smarter ways to improve the end users experience.” 

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