Clondalkin Wentus Offers Skin-Tight Film


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | Clondalkin Wentus has introduced a new skin-tight film for the food processing industry. WENTOPRO-SkinTight film is said to offer long shelf life and high barrier properties that make it suitable for a wide range of food products including fresh, frozen and processed meat, poultry, fish and sea food products, as well as cheese and ready meals. 

Company says the invisible film surrounds the product like a second skin, giving a natural look for maximum shelf appeal, as well as providing a safe and secure seal preventing against contamination and leakage.

Christian Claes, New Business Development director at Clondalkin Wentus, says: "At Wentus we invest heavily in research and development and are committed to developing innovative packaging solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We believe that we've achieved this through WENTOPRO-SkinTight.…it's formulated to seal on all widely available films and trays and is compatible with all types of converting machines.”


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