A Tonic for Vodka

Seeking a sleek, eye-catching package, DeLos Vodka is using a black, full-body shrink label that really pops on the shelf next to all the clear glass vodka bottles. Made with Embrace LV copolyesters from Eastman Chemical Co., the shrink films provide a 360-deg billboard for the product. Converter McDowell Label, Dallas, TX, is printing the sleeves, and John McDowell, president, says, “Black is one of the most challenging colors to achieve on shrink sleeves. By using high-definition UV ink on the Embrace copolyesters, we were able to achieve a rich black color that direct printing and etching could not achieve.” In addition, the label is easily separated from the bottle, maximizing the recyclability of the glass by eliminating any ink from being printed directly on it.

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