Sealed for Security

Seeking a specialty security seal for its Levitra drug, Bayer Healthcare commissioned Schreiner MediPharm and Schreiner ProSecure, Blauvet, NY, to develop an easy-to-handle, reclosable seal that provides clearly visible proof-of-first opening. The result is Wallet-Seal, which includes a non-adhesive starter tab that facilitates opening of the package. It is used to lift the void seal area, which allows multiple resealing of the wallet, from the substrate. When the seal is opened for the first time, the void message “OPEN” appears in this area. The message has a different color than the seal and remains permanently visible. To prevent undetected removal of the seal, the rear area of the seal is affixed to the package with a special, permanent adhesive. Any peel-off attempt thus causes irreversible damage to the packaging.

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