February First Glance: Making Plastics Glitter

Making Plastics Glitter

Vacumet Corp. announces HoloPRISM Holographic Plastics, an extension of HoloPRISM Papers. Products are available in stock and custom patterns on a variety of base materials. Applications are in consumer, cosmetic, personal care, and entertainment packaging, as well as gift wrap and labels. Company reports products are designed to enhance brand recognition, while providing eye-catching shelf appeal.

Stacking Up

Customers of Mondi Packaging, Vienna, Austria, made their wishes known: They wanted shelf-ready packaging (SRP) that was simple to erect, efficiently fillable, easy to stack, and easy to open. Oh, yes, they also wanted to be able to stack two SRPs on top of one another based on a predefined shelf height, while ensuring the packaged products would be optimally presented! The solution: Stack2Shelf. In addition to reportedly meeting all the above criteria, the product has a folding system said to ensure easy closing and to guarantee safe shipping. The lid can be folded economically for waste disposal, Mondi adds.

Clean Bill of Health

KNF Clean Room Products Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY, calls the Ultraglove “the cleanest glove available in the world.” The chemical-resistant glove, used in the laboratory and chemical production industries, is made from pure, additive-free PE film in a clean room environment to the same stringent Ultraclean cleanliness level as other products from KNF. A final test of the glove is performed to determine ash content and the presence of any additives. Glove is recommended for use in the medical, bio-medical, medical device, and veterinary medicine fields.

Vacumet Corp. | www.vacumet.com

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