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Baldwin Technology: A Leader in UV Curing Systems for Converters

Baldwin Technology, part of the BW Converting Solutions platform, is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and service of conventional UV, LED-UV, and IR systems meant for industrial use.


Baldwin’s AMS Spectral UV XP Series, engineered to retrofit LED-UV systems onto existing printing presses, significantly lowers energy consumption, decreases downtime, and extends the lifetime of the press versus conventional UV systems.

The XP Quatro features the proven LED-UV technology developed for printing presses, with a design adapted for the converting industry. It uses the same optics and LED chips as the standard XP product line, but doubles the UV energy by placing two independent rows within one housing while only increasing the size by 1” (25mm) in machine direction. This results in a higher total UV energy exposure (dose, J/cm2) in a compact footprint. The XP Quatro design also provides an economical solution for applications with two LED-UV wavelengths on the same production line.

Arc Lamp Systems

The use of conventional UV technology (medium pressure mercury lamps) has been used by the converting industry for over 50 years. Baldwin’s QuadCure arc system utilized CFD software to minimize air impingement on reflectors and target the cooling air only for the bulb. The system utilizes water cooling in the shutters and housing, minimizing the external housing temperature and heat transfer to the conveyor and tooling, and increases bulb life by focusing the air-cooling on the bulb.

Another unique innovation is the Cool Arc product line. This design is modular with high power capability up to 600 W/in (240 W/cm), built-in air cooling, fast acting dichroic shutters, integrated quartz plate, and toolless lamp replacement. This is ideal for laboratory/pilot lines and applications of 85mm to 400mm.

Service and Support

Baldwin manufactures bulbs for QuadCure, Cool Arc and other OEM systems at its manufacturing facilities in Easton, Pennsylvania and Slough UK. Services including installation, start-up, training and maintenance are performed by a global team of highly trained service technicians. Multiple locations around the world have spare parts in stock to keep customers’ lines up and running.

For more information, please contact:

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Kevin Joesel, Industrial Sales Executive, Americas: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or visit www.baldwintech.com