Tapeswitch Offers PCU Programmable Safety Controller


FARMINGDALE, NY | Tapeswitch Corp. announces the new PCU programmable safety controller, said to extend robust safety product system capabilities to include systems integration, programmable logic control functions, and management software (included).

Fully integrated safety system solution unifies the management of all safety products, such as safety switch mats, edges, bumpers, switches, noncontact interlocks, laser scanners, light curtains, two hand controls, photocells, emergency stops, hand grip switches, encoders, proximities, etc., into one safety system solution at a CAT 4 safety level.

System software is capable of PLC functions such as fieldbus input/output, fieldbus probe output, 4 different types of muting, muting override, guard lock functions, memory operators, counter operations, timer operator, logical operators, and more and is downloadable from PC to the safety controller via a USB connection.

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