Roll-2-Roll Technologies Launches Wider Sensor

STILLWATER, OK | Roll-2-Roll Technologies offers the WPS220, an extra-wide sensor measuring 221 mm. The sensor is said to be able to cover a wider width without having to be adjusted and is ideal for center guiding. In addition, company says, it includes all the benefits of the previous sensors in the company’s line, such as adaption to any material and 99% accuracy without any manual adjustments or calibration.

The WPS line of sensors employs a patented technology that uses the reflection of infrared light to take a picture of the edge of the material. This picture is then processed using digital signal processing algorithms to accurately sense the true position of the material irrespective of its physical properties.

According to the company, other sensors use a blocking technique where the web is used to block light, sound or air. Since the amount of blocking depends on the material properties, that technology is less accurate with porous or transparent material.

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