Camfil Touch Screen Controller Offers Ready Access


JONESBORO, AR | Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) is offering a new touch screen controller that provides full monitoring and control of all functions of an industrial dust collector and associated equipment. 

Said to be easy to use, the controller is equipped with a touch screen interface that allows ready access to all of its functions. It is designed for use with Farr Gold Series dust collectors, or other types of collectors if integrated with a motor starter or variable frequency drive (VFD) package.

A built-in differential pressure sensor monitors the primary filter pressure drop. Four analog inputs can be used to monitor the secondary filter as well as other devices such as leak detectors, flow meters, and compressed air pressure monitors. Six digital inputs are included to monitor hopper level, smoke detection, remote cleaning, and other functions.

Four relay outputs are provided to signal faults from any of the digital or analog inputs or from internal device faults. The 4-20 milliamp output will monitor air flow remotely or pass through any analog input to a remote location. The controller can also monitor fan power consumption and can provide data logging of system performance with multi-language capability.

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