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Coating Matters

Coating Matters | Coating and Casting Technology for Water Filtration

The fundamentals of air entrainment, entrapment, and rheology are critical to product success

Coating, Casting, and Curtains

When a slot die is coating a fluid, does it care which way it is pointed? No, it does not. So why are different terms utilized when the same piece of equipment is pointing up in the air, down towards the ground, or horizontally towards the wall?

Coating Matters | Pump Technology

Fluid preparation and delivery may be ancillary to the coating process, but they are critical to the coating outcome

Coating Matters | Multi-Layer Coating

To provide more than one fluid at a time to a substrate, a pre-metered method like slot die coating is required

Stepwise Process Fluid Coating

After a fluid is deposited onto a substrate anything can happen. While the fluid is balancing on the substrate and traveling to the curing section of the process, what will the fluid do?

Coating Matters | Patch Coating for Precision Fluid Placement, Pt. 2

Intermittent coating continues to be a growing field in the world of slot die coating technology in general, and the flexible electronics and energy storage industries in particular.

Optimization of Fluid Coating

Developing a product in the fluid coating industries requires determination of raw materials to provide for the differentiated features of the product, but equally important is the process development associated with turning these raw materials into an effectively and efficiently produced item. Whether you are looking to develop an improved tape, label, battery, or optical film, understanding and optimizing the coating process is important. The larger this coating window the more latitude there is for success.

Coating Matters | Patch Coating for Precision Fluid Placement, Pt. 1

The world has gone patch coating crazy! Batteries, pharmaceuticals, even adhesives. With increased interest in intermittent coating, we have to consider the technical challenges

Fighting Viscous Forces to Improve Fluid Coating Success

When it comes to slot die fluid coating, the mathematical equations that dictate flow are fundamental, but the details are complicated. The goal with understanding the math should be not to make things more complicated, but to simplify the understanding and lead engineers and operators towards common controls for adjusting at the coating line. So let’s do just that…

Coating Matters | Steam Remoisturizing Technology for Paper-Based Labels, Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this two-part series, the authors provide the criteria for choosing a remoisturizer solution

Coating Matters | Steam Remoisturizing Technology for Paper-Based Labels, Pt. 1

Paper-based label manufacturers must produce a stable, flat product. This requires controlling moisture content in all layers of the final product to equilibrium.

Coating Matters | Everything You Wanted to Know about Coating But Were Afraid to Ask

Developing a new coated product? Here is a set of questions that can lead the process engineer in the right direction going forward.

Coating Matters | Stop Defects Before They Start

Reducing defects in fluid coating works best by practicing preventative medicine. 

Coating Matters | Designing Equipment for Fluid Flow

In premetered coating, a slot die is the control valve that turns fluid flow through a pipe into a precise, flat, and even coating on a continuous substrate. How does a chunk of metal do this?

Defects in Coating

Fluid coating is only as good as the quality team says it is. Once the fluid hits the substrate many things can happen... Read about how to identify, analyze and remedy coating defects.

Coating Matters | Under Pressure: The Damage Stress Can Do in Fluid Coating

Where does stress come from, and what can it do to a perfectly good coating?

Coating Matters | I'm Done Coating...Now What?

To solve coating issues, you need to have a rudimentary understanding of curing technologies

Coating Matters | The 3 Stages of Product Development

Process development is taking a product concept through 3 stages: lab, pilot, and production

Coating Matters | Intermittent Coating

The world has gone patch coating crazy, but we also have to consider the technical challenges

Coating Matters | Hot Melt Coating Technology, Part 2

In the second of this two-part series on hot melt coating, Mark Miller says the newest technology is not always the best, but the best techniques applied to good technology provide the best product outcomes.

Coating Matters | Hot Melt Coating Technology, Part 1

Thinner, faster, and state of the art describes the direction hot melt adhesive manufacturing companies are headed.

Multilayer Coating

Multilayer and simultaneous dual sided coating.  Slide coating for the modern era.

Coating Matters | The Wizard Behind the Curtain

It's not magic that makes curtain coating work but physics and fluid dynamics.

Rheology, Math, and Coating Equipment Design

Rheology + Mathematics = Coating Equipment Design

Coating Matters | TWOSD

Tensioned Web Over Slot Die is a coating technique that has some unique advantages

ROI for Fluid Coating Technology

Cost of ownership and return on investment are critical in the decision of fluid coating technology for a converting industry product.

Coating Matters | Slot Die Design Considerations

What you can learn from a slot die designer that will help you in your roll-to-roll manufacturing process

What does a Slot Die Cost?

How do you chose an equipment vendor?  What questions provide insight into capital expenditures?  The 3P approach to vendor selection provides guidelines for your next converting equipment purchase.

Coating Matters | Fluid Flow Phenomena

Faster and thinner coatings are the wave of the future—learn how to ride the wave to success!

The Future of Fluid Coating Technology

Evolutionary trends in fluid coating technology are predictable.  Look for the material and process advances required for the leading products in the converting industry and follow the trail.

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