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Gloucester Engineering Expands Die Rebuilding


GLOUCESTER, MA | Gloucester Engineering Co. (GEC) announces the expansion of its blown film machinery die rebuilding offerings.

“We are experiencing a virtual near-capacity situation in our die rebuilding program,” notes VP of Aftermarket and Service Operations Laurent Cros. “In response to this and to accommodate a record of new die rebuild orders coming in, we have taken a fresh look at these operations.”

Additional resources are being allocated to the Gloucester headquarters and production facilities; formal training is being bolstered; the company’s dedicated staff of technicians that work on die rebuilds is being increased; new features and options are being added to rebuild dies; and the company is putting into effect increasing efficiencies to enable GEC to trim die rebuild costs for customers where possible.

The larger operation now offers:

• Stripping and re-plating of complete dies or components

• Hand polishing of die components that eliminate minor surface imperfections

• A full range of plating options, including electroless nickel, chrome, and thin dense chrome

• Machining for pin inserts to accommodate frequent die gap changes

• Machining of both sizing rings and pin for inserts

• Better cosmetic look adding new guarding and cabinets

• Inspection report services of each component, including comprehensive recommendations on how to achieve even better performance.

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