New Water-Based Paper Coating Technology Offers High OGR

NORTHVALE, NJ | Aqua Based Technologies, a div.of ADM Tronics, has introduced a new water-based, repulpable, biodegradable, high OGR (oil and grease resistant), environmentally-safe coating for the paper converting and packaging industry.

Aqualene 5001 was specifically developed as a safe alternative to harmful fluorocarbon coatings, which were used extensively for OGR before environmental hazards, such as ozone depletion, and health concerns, were identified. In laboratory tests, Aqualene 5001 has passed demanding tests for OGR while containing ZERO VOC's and no ozone depleting ingredients.

Aqualene 5001 is formulated from ingredients that are found on FDA lists cleared for direct food contact. (21 CFR 175.105, 175.320). It can be used for coating microwave popcorn bags, food wrappers, food trays and containers, paper cups, ice cream boxes, and packaging related to dairy, meats and cheeses; or any food packaging product which requires high OGR properties.

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