Wacker Presents Innovative Binders at European Coatings Show

MUNICH, GERMANY | At the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg from March 19–21, WACKER Group will be presenting its latest product innovations for packaging and printing ink applications.

vinnacoat LL 8100

VINNACOAT LL 8100 is a new surface coating resin based on a styrene-olefin copolymer with carboxyl functional groups, which is particularly suitable as a binder for heat-sealable food packaging. The styrene-olefin resin base not only confers high toughness and permanent flexibility on the product, but also heat-sealability to non-polar polymers such as polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyethylene. The carboxyl functional groups, on the other hand, ensure outstanding adhesion to metal surfaces such as aluminum.

Wacker Group Vinnacoat  LL 8100 coating resin

Until now, acrylate-based binders were predominantly used for heat-sealing coated aluminum foils to non-polar polymers. The new VINNACOAT LL 8100 offers an alternative here and complements WACKER’s broad product portfolio for heat-sealing applications.

The thermoplastic binder shows very low swelling in the presence of water and high resistance to a wide variety of liquids, from oils and greases, through dilute acids and alkalis, to alcohol and aqueous salt solutions. Thanks to the polymer’s inherent elastic properties, no additional plasticizers are generally required in the formulation.

VINNACOAT LL 8100 is called an ideal binder for heat-sealable packaging systems, for example for sealed juice and water cups or dairy products such as yogurt or cream.


The new VINNOL H 5/50 A has been developed for demanding packaging and industrial coatings, specifically for printing inks in food packaging. The binder is a vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate-vinyl alcohol-terpolymer containing functional hydroxyl groups. Due to its functional groups, the surface coating resin adheres strongly to a wide range of polymer substrates and may be crosslinked using a variety of reagents. Its high content of vinyl chloride polymer units provides excellent chemical resistance to the surface coating, while the vinyl acetate units impart high flexibility. Further useful properties of VINNOL H 5/50 A include high pigment compatibility, rapid resin and pigment dispersion, excellent compatibility with co-binders, as well as high solubility in ketones or in cost-saving ester-based systems.

Coatings based on VINNOL H 5/50 A are waterproof and extremely resistant to oil, grease, dilute acids, alkalis, and salt solutions. Moreover, the novel surface coating resin is both taste- and odor-free. VINNOL H 5/50 A complies with numerous statutory food-contact regulations, such as those of the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA 21 CFR § 175.300) or the Commission Regulation of the European Union No. 10/2011. Thus, it makes a perfect binder for printing inks for high quality, sterilizable food packaging.

Visit WACKER at the European Coatings Show 2013 in Hall 1, Booth 1-510.

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