Scrap Reduction Topic of Workshop

EDGEWOOD, NY | Nearly 60 flexible packaging converters attended a recent Scrap Reduction Workshop co-hosted by Nordmeccanica and the Packaging, Consumer Goods and Construction Adhesives business of Henkel Corp., Cary, NC, at Nordmeccanica's US headquarters. Following presentations from Giancarlo Caimmi, commercial director for Nordmeccanica, and Guido Kollbach, Ph.D., technical director for Henkel Liofol Laminating Adhesives, Duncan Darby, Ph.D., associate professor, Dept. of Packaging Science at Clemson Univ., delivered a keynote address titled “Scrap: Reduction by Prevention.”

Attendees saw a lamination run of Henkel's new adhesive system, Liofol LA7773-21 with Liofol LA6016-21. The run was followed by three demonstrations, each focusing on one of three adhesive attributes that prevent scrap: long life, fast cure, and robustness.

Justin Mehaffy, process solutions director for Henkel, presented a case study showing the benefits of a structured approach to scrap definition, measurement, analysis, improvement, and control.

“For the supervisors, operators, and decision-makers who run flexible packaging operations, scrap is a big issue,” says Jerry Perkins, senior VP and general manager for Henkel North America. “Henkel's philosophy is to have specialists who understand the flexible packaging market and the issues that are important to our customers. Managing scrap well, with the ultimate goal of eliminating it, can make the difference between being profitable and not being profitable.”

Hill Kilby, technical process partner at Bemis Milprint Packaging in Joplin, MO, attended the workshop with colleagues from other Bemis locations. “We got a lot out of it,” he says. “We do solventless lamination in Joplin, so the new technology was great. Shorter cure is something we're always interested in, because it helps us lower inventory levels and work-in-process levels.…The demonstrations were pretty impressive, too, because we were able to look and touch and check things out.”

“We were very pleased by the level of cooperation between our two companies during the preparation for the workshop,” adds Vincenzo Cericello, VP of technology at Nordmeccanica. “We are impressed about the technical developments achieved by the new Liofol line of adhesives, and we look forward to an improved partnership between Nordmeccanica and Henkel.”

“We knew scrap was an important topic,” says Perkins, “and we are gratified it was so well received. The attendance was phenomenal, and the feedback afterwards was very positive. I expect we will host similar workshops in the future.”

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