New Laminating Adhesives Increase Line Speeds in Food Packaging

ORLANDO, FL | H.B. Fuller Co. has introduced two adhesives to help customers get food products packaged and shipped faster. Joining the Flextra Fast family of products are SFA8605 Solvent-Free Laminating Adhesive and SB7200/XAS2283 Solvent-Based Laminating Adhesive—both designed to safely increase efficiency and reduce working capital.

“Increased line speed is the name of the game in food packaging and that’s what our Flextra Fast line of products offer,” said Brian Glasbrenner, North American sales manager, flexible packaging. “We evaluated our existing line and saw an opportunity to develop two new products to give our customers more choices to better meet their specific performance and application needs.”

Flextra Fast SFA8605 Solvent Free Laminating Adhesive is suitable for snack applications including standup pouches for dry snacks and offers line speeds up to 1200 fpm. The adhesive enables shipping of goods in as little as two days; with slitting in as little as 6 hrs, pouching/zipping in as little as one day, and PAA decay in as few as two days.

Flextra Fast 8605 adhesive

Flextra Fast SFA8605 adheres well to most substrates including foil, nylon, metallized films, and high-slip sealants and offers excellent appearance.

Flextra Fast SB7200/XAS2283 Solvent-Based Laminating Adhesive has high green bond strength and is well suited for demanding food packaging applications, including triple layer and greater laminations. The adhesive offers a high level of heat resistance for use in microware, boil-in-bag, hot fill, and pasteurization applications, as well as a high level of product resistance to withstand aggressive-filled goods. Flextra Fast SB7200/XAS2283 enables shipping of goods in as little as three days; with slitting in as little as 4 hrs and pouching and zipping in as little as 24–48 hrs.

HB Fuller Flextra Fast SB7200

The new adhesive adheres well to most substrates, including foil, nylon, metallized films, and high-slip sealant films.


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