Henkel Offers Clear-on-Clear Acrylic PSA


DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY | Henkel will be showing a new clear-on-clear, water-based acrylic PSA with unique technology at ICE Europe, March 19–21, 2013, at the Trade Fair Centre in Munich, Germany.

One innovation that Henkel will be showcasing is the new water-based acrylic adhesive Aquence PS 6025. This PSA is suited for sticking transparent films to transparent substrates, such as clear glass or plastic. Thanks to its high water whitening resistance, Aquence PS 6025 itself remains ultra-clear, even when exposed to moisture, such as the condensation water that can form on a beverage bottle.

Company says the adhesive bonds excellently to polar substrates while still adhering well to nonpolar surfaces. It also shows good low-temperature performance and good shear resistance. Films coated with Aquence PS 6025 are easy to cut, making it possible to speed up the production of products such as self-adhesive labels. This water-based adhesive is APEO-free and, as a low-migration product, helps customers to achieve more sustainability in their production processes.

Henkel also will be showing its PSA adhesive Duro-Tak 3214, which is initially removable and permits repositioning before achieving its final, permanent bond strength. Ease of use is said to facilitate the large-area application of adhesive tapes and graphics films without loss of material, and even to surfaces that are very difficult to bond. It can be applied with conventional application equipment and enables the production of high-grade laminates with even better performance, company adds.

Visit Henkel Booth 1013 in Hall A5 at ICE Europe.


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