Henkel Laminating Adhesives Help Package Resist Acid


DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY | Henkel offers the solvent-based laminating adhesives Liofol LA 3963-21 and Liofol LA 3643-21, each used with hardener LA 6063-21. Adhesives are said to increase the resistance of food packages to acidic and other aggressive contents.

Company explains that spicy sauces and foods that contain vinegar or other acids can attack flexible packages, including the adhesives with which the packaging films and foils have been laminated. This new system reportedly suppresses this undesirable effect can be suppressed. The adhesives are especially well suited for multilayer laminates constructed with aluminum foil, company adds.

In addition, Liofol LA 3963-21 helps to improve the sustainability of the packaging materials as this system allows a high solids content of up to 50% in the working mixture, so less solvent needs to be used.

Other reported advantages of the two polyurethane-based adhesive systems: The adhesion promoter they contain does not block the cells of the anilox roller, meaning it is easier to keep the adhesive’s application weight constant over the entire surface to be laminated; and both adhesives have high temperature resistance after curing, making them suitable for laminates intended for pasteurizable or retortable foods.

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