AWA Reports on Adhesives for P-S Materials


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. is offering the AWAreness Report: Global Adhesive & Adhesive Technology Assessment for Pressure-Sensitive Materials 2012. The first edition of this report, issued in 2007, focused on Europe. AWA has expanded the geographic scope for this second edition, which is global.

This report provides an independent assessment of adhesive technology and focuses on the major pressure-sensitive categories solvent, aqueous, and hot melt (including radiation cured). Key p-s market segments covered are labels, tapes, graphic arts, medical, and more

Included in the report:

• Perceived strengths and weaknesses of each p-s technology

• The market structure within each application segmentation

• The p-s technologies used in each market segment

• Signi?cant applications within each segment

• Adhesive demand, trends, and market drivers.

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