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Polymer-Based Primer Coatings for Plastic Films Are Laser Printable

AKRON, OH | Akron Rubber Development Laboratory's (ARDL) PolyData water-based computer-imprintable top coating or printing primer allows film labels to accept standard printing. The coating is applicable with either adhesive-type coaters or by flexographic or similar printing presses. Suited for label manufacturing, the coating can be applied to metallized polyester films to provide durability and the look of expensive metal name plates or rating plates found on electrical motors. Claimed to increase profit margins for labelstock manufacturers and label converters, the coating accepts computer-generated printing, such as dot matrix, laser, and thermal transfer, to allow on-demand multi-tasking by the end user, or the coating permits end user to utilize conventional printing, such as flexography and offset

PolyData-coated film or metallized labelstock also allows pre-printing with  fixed information matrix (FIM) text that doesn't change or with variable information printing (VIP), such as serially numbered labels, that can be applied by a label converter or the end user. Especially suited for applications that expose PolyData-coated film labels to heat, moisture, dirt, oil, chemicals, rough handling/abrasion, or outdoor use. Reported to be ideal for use on recreational vehicles, chemical drum labels, credit card signature strips, imprintable membership cards, names plates and ID tags/labels, industrial equipment, medical supplies, tire labels, bar-coded labels, and more.

Supplied in 5-gal pails or 55-gal drums, the coating is not flammable. A technical bulletin, titled "PolyData Coating Methodology," is available by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 866-778-ARDL or 330-794-6600. 

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