Inwork Installs Decorative Coating Process at Breit Center

NEW YORK, NY | Breit Technologies and Sterling Toggle/Foiltone have installed a table top Cast and Cure unit exclusively at the Inwork Innovation Center in Garnerville, NY. This one-of-a-kind production system provides Inwork with the capability of creating one-off comprehensives or several hundred packaging samples that represent the production quality of Cast and Cure effects.

Inwork says the Cast and Cure decorative coating process is fully sustainable and will enhance the traditional varnishing process by “casting” a holographic image into the surface of the varnish. This micro embossing technique allows for the use of holographic images in packaging at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional holographic materials, the company adds.

According to Tim Cain, President, Breit Technologies, “This allows designers to create an impactful image without distracting from graphics on the package, thus enhancing their design while also reducing costs and carbon footprint.”

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