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Total QC Solutions for Silicone Release Coaters

Applied Rigaku Technologies engineers and manufactures high-quality benchtop and process elemental analyzers that perform at-line or real-time silicone coat weight analysis using proven Rigaku EDXRF technology.

For in-line process control, the NEX LS linear scanner offers real-time cross and machine direction Si coat weight profiling of your process. Technicians can quickly identify problems and make immediate quality control decisions for the entire roll.

NEX LS software is easy to use and provides continuous process control from the beginning to the end of the roll. The intuitive user interface lets users easily define recipes, including scan speeds and sub-second measurement settings, advanced roll reporting, and raw data logging for traceability and audits. Users can customize reports, export them as PDF or CSV, and store copies to USB or a network using industry-standard communications protocols.

For at-line solutions, NEX QC Series benchtop analyzers enable the measurement of very low silicone coating weights and metal catalysts in silicone coatings. Challenging applications that were either marginal or impossible with earlier technologies are now a reality. NEX QC Series analyzers are cost-effective and do not require helium or special sample cups for Si determination. They provide QC technicians with an ideal tool for quickly checking silicone coating thickness and composition by simply placing a coupon sample in the analysis chamber. For high-throughput analysis, automatic sample changer options are available.

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