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Faustel Leads the Converting Industry with Our Innovative Technology Center

For over 60 years, the Faustel team has been delivering innovative coating, laminating, and winding machinery worldwide. At our headquarters in Germantown, Wisconsin, product and process engineers design, build, and prove custom converting equipment that continually advances and surpasses industry expectations.

What Does it Mean to Collaborate with the Global Leader in Custom Converting Technology?

The transition from prototyping to production can be difficult, and this is the challenge Faustel’s engineers are uniquely equipped to solve. Inside the Technology Center, Faustel’s experts work alongside the customer’s product development team to innovate the converting processes used to make the latest hydrogel bandages, aircraft insulation, Li-ion batteries, and more. There’s a reason that Faustel is trusted by major brands to develop the high-performance converting systems their success depends on.

Through effective collaboration with the customer’s in-house team of product developers, Faustel’s team is able to further streamline the R&D process and improve the quality of the final product. To facilitate continued development in these socially distanced times, Faustel has introduced Tech Connect, a unique program that provides customers an interactive online interface to allow remote lab trials, while also eliminating travel costs.

The Proof is in the ROI

This synergistic collaboration results in higher quality equipment and converted products through an efficient process which maximizes resources. Faustel is recognized globally for our high tolerance, exceptionally reliable converting equipment, but our ability to support the R&D process is what truly excels beyond the competition.

Particularly when working with expensive substrates, such as foils and laminates, the continuing ROI of Faustel’s equipment is remarkable. Additionally, Faustel’s custom engineered converting lines have long-term reliability, producing consistent and superior results throughout their decades-long lifetime. Ultimately, an investment with Faustel is so much more than a simple equipment purchase. It’s an assurance of success for your unique process, from beginning to end.

For more information on the Technology Center, contact a Faustel sales engineer at (262) 253-3333, or visit our website at www.faustel.com.

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