ISCST Symposium Issues Call for Papers

FORT MILL, SC | A call for papers for oral and poster sessions at the International Society of Coating Science and Technology (ISCST) Symposium has been posted. Organized by ISCST and facilitated by the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), the 19th ISCST Symposium will be held Sept. 16–19, 2018, at the Hilton Long Beach, Long Beach, CA. Submission forms may be found on the ISCST and AIMCAL websites.

“ISCST and AIMCAL enjoy a strong and growing partnership,” says Dr. Brian G. Higgins, president of ISCST and professor emeritus, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, at the University of California, Davis in Davis, CA. “We are looking forward to joining forces with AIMCAL once again to present a successful Symposium.”

The biennial meeting serves as a forum for presenting advances in the mechanisms and process technologies for applying wet coated layers. Speakers are drawn from both industry and academia. The meeting is chaired by Juan M. de Santos, technical director, Fundamentals & Applications, Engineering Technology at Avery Dennison, Covina, CA. Dr. Ilyess Hadj Romdhane, lead research specialist at 3M’s Corporate Research Process Laboratory, St. Paul, MN, serves as co-chair.

In addition to discussions of traditional coating and drying processes, the agenda presents emerging applications such as photovoltaics, fuel and battery cells, biomedical applications, and electronic displays. Higgins says, “The Symposium is a great place to learn about discoveries and new approaches that participants can take home to improve their coating operations, generate business, and foster research and commercialization of new technology.”

The symposium schedule also includes a daily tabletop exhibition, networking receptions, and presentation of the John A. Tallmadge Award for outstanding contributions to coating technology and the L.E. Scriven Young Investigator Award. Award nominations may be made on the ISCST website by July 2, 2018.

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