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Maan Engineering Announces New Technology

RAALTE, THE NETHERLANDS | Maan Engineering recently introduced a high-speed option for its standard coating production lines. This high speed option enables an operating speed of 225 mpm. 

The Maan standard coating line

The company’s standard coating lines consist of a linerless coating line, a hot melt coating line, or a lamination coating line. Together with the silicone coating station, the hot melt coating station represents the core of the company’s coating equipment range.

New HYBRID technology offers label producers numerous new possibilities, company says. Using different coating and converting techniques in a single line, and applying the adhesive and silicone themselves, the technology can make special laminates that give them an edge on their competitors. Furthermore, the HYBRID technology reportedly makes the relatively small linerless market accessible to every label producer.

In addition to the high-speed option and the HYBRID coating technology, the company is introducing new sleeve technology to the hot melt coating station and a new design for the three-roller silicone coating station.

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