ITW Dynatec Announces Adhesive Supply Units

HENDERSONVILLE, TN | ITW Dynatec recently introduced the Simplicity adhesive supply unit (ASU). The new ASU features single board control and is said to be easy to operate, eliminating the need for extensive or ongoing training to run the hot melt function in a production line. Compact device features small internal reservoir and optionally integrated auto-feeding system.

Brittany Ulrich, ITW Dynatec’s global marketing & North American distribution manager, says, “In designing this new unit, we really wanted to deliver a solution that represents the very best of ITW Dynatec’s original Melt-On-Demand technology, and much more.”

Also from company is the Dynamelt S Series ASU, reportedly featuring modular construction, straightforward operation, and low operating costs. These ASUs also utilize company’s Melt-On-Demand hopper. The Dynamelt S unit features a 10- or 20-lb capacity hopper and intuitive controls and is said to consume 20% less energy than competitive units. Included among the newer features are a Nano ceramic hopper coating that company says is 5x more durable than competitive PTFE coatings, an easy-to-read, repositionable display panel, and a seven-day Scheduler to simplify daily operation.

Company says the Dynamelt S is the preferred ASU for specialty beverage and dairy case and carton sealing operations around the world and has been effectively used in a broad range of market sectors, including dry foods, beverage, corrugated, produce, personal care, and more.

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