Avery Dennison Offers Photo-Reactive Adhesive Technology

MENTOR, OH | Avery Dennison announces a new, patent pending, Photo-Reactive (PR) Adhesive Technology said to offer simplification and reliability when permanent and removable functionality is needed. Company says the technology provides converters another tool in the converting process to create innovative label solutions for various applications, including promotional, seasonal, and functional labels.

With PR Adhesive Technology, an adhesive can easily be transformed from permanent to removable by exposing the adhesive to the ultraviolet light (UV). The permanent vs removable performance is controlled by printing a black graphic, or “shadow mask,” on the backside of the liner. The adhesive is then irreversibly modified by exposing it to a high-intensity UV light during conversion. The area under the mask remains permanent while the exposed area becomes removable.

Reported benefits include the following:

  • Flexibility in design—PR facilitates customized constructions that require both permanent and removable performance.
  • Elimination of deadeners—the PR process can be done on almost any press which has UV station, without the need to qualify and use of deadeners to achieve removable performance.
  • Simplicity—PR requires a pass with the UV light station to make the adhesive removable. This simplicity helps in consistent, end-use label performance.

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