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DUNMORE Offers Touch Screen Film for Displays

BRISTOL, PA | DUNMORE Corp. has introduced touch screen film and coatings to its current line of scratch resistant surfaces (“SRS”) hardcoated film for electronics and consumer applications. The launch of DUNMORE’s touch screen film technology provides developers and manufacturers of touch screens and electronic components with a new solution for ongoing engineering issues including anti-glare, conductivity, and aesthetic attributes.

This expanded line of scratch resistant, hardcoated film offers a wider range of material thicknesses, substrates, and functional alterations for the electronic and touch screen industries. The new film reportedly is based on a robust coating that is compatible with most weight and performance requirements, whether the customer requires a thin-gauge or thick-gauge substrate. Product hardness exceeds 5H and due to the ongoing demands of the market, the base chemistry can be modified to add unique functionalities. Additional enhancements include printability, texture, gloss levels, anti-glare, anti-microbial, weatherability and conductivity. 

Neil Gillespie, VP of technology, states, “The development of touch screen film is part of DUNMORE’s ongoing commitment to provide our customers with new and enhanced hardcoat films, giving them a competitive advantage in the market. Our new touch screen film line builds on the foundation from which we can rapidly deliver both standard and customized products.”


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