Dow Chemical Adhesive Aids Fast Compliance


HORGEN, SWITZERLAND | Dow Chemical Company reports the introduction of MOR-FREE LPlus1 High Efficiency Adhesive, said to address industry needs for packaging solutions offering faster compliance with food legislation requirements, enhanced conversion efficiency, and greater machinability. 

Company says the solventless laminating adhesive, which is suited for food packaging applications such as ready meals, fresh food and dairy, coffee and snacks, delivers fast cross linking technology and improved optics on semi-barrier structures.

Cristina Miotto, EMEA market manager for laminating adhesives, says this “…is yet another example that illustrates our business’s theme ‘Science that Connects. The LPlus family further exemplifies our commitment to drive innovation and constantly improve and deliver new solutions for our adhesives customers, solutions that offer excellent bonding performance while enhancing production output, improving operation costs, and accelerating time to market.”

The adhesive is said to help converters accelerate compliance with food legislation due to a faster primary aromatic ammines and isocyanates decay than with conventional adhesives, which allow for reduced lead time and faster shipping capabilities. In addition, it is said to improve conversion efficiency through enhanced machinability and wettability at high web speed thanks to its lower initial viscosity.

For partners within the packaging value chain, adhesive reportedly enables a lower inventory level, helps to make working capital saving and supports higher flexibility, especially with promotional items, while lower gassing behavior means improved optics on semi-barrier applications.


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