Heraeus Shows 55-in. Touchscreen with Conductive Polymer

TAIPEI/LEVERKUSEN | The application of Clevios PEDOT:PSS in touch technology, which provides clear, conductive, and flexible properties in touch devices, resulted in the preparation of the first large area PCT touchscreen pilot-product by Taiwan-based Inputek, an IC design house and PCT touch solutions company. The touchscreen was demonstrated at Touch Taiwan 2014, which was held August 27-29.

Inputek incorporated Clevios into the device using screen printing and etch patterning processes. The preparation of the demonstrator with 10 sensor points provides a smart example of technical advancement at an economic price. Applications in signage, point of sales, industrial and digital white boards are currently being investigated.

The Clevios PEDOT:PSS range from the Display & Semiconductor business unit of Heraeus consists of materials for antistatic through to highly conductive applications. Materials are modified for their application method, usually printing or coating, and for their end application requirements.

Typically Clevios coatings can reach 100–250 Ohm/sq. at a transparency of 90% (excluding substrate film). Clevios is increasingly finding applications in touchscreens and sensors, as well as OLEDs, organic solar cells, and security coatings. The 55-in. touchscreen uses a Clevios that provides 150 Ohm/Sq.

Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer, head of the Display & Semiconductor business unit at Heraeus, said, “The work with Inputek is an enabling technology, generating exciting new business opportunities and options for the touch display industry. Using conductive polymer coating and patterning options, large touch devices are more economic, of higher optical quality and can even be curved or flexible.”

Andrew Chung, general manager at Inputek, added, “The inclusion of patternable conductive polymers into large area PCT screens drives down costs and so increases the opportunities in many consumer interface applications. Soon restaurants will have touch tables as menu ordering, payment, and even gaming options.“


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