UniPixel Conductive Film Wins RadTech Award


BETHESDA, MD | RadTech, The Assn. for UV and EB Technologies, reports that UniPixel, The Woodlands, TX, has developed a low-cost, transparent, conductive film manufactured using a roll-to-roll process by micro-embossing and nano-embossing a UV-curable coating. The process was recently presented with an Emerging Technology Award by RadTech.

The film is said to solve problems such as brittleness, availability, and cost by forming a template using a UV-curable material to produce a complex grid. This grid then serves as a pattern for conductive inks. The resulting ink pattern at 5 to 10 micron line width produces a transparent, conductive film said to have excellent flexibility and conductive properties, company says. The grid can be produced at low cost using roll-to-roll coating equipment, company adds.

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