Barrier Coating Launched by NanoPack


WAYNE, PA | NanoPack, a developer of proprietary barrier coatings for films used in processed food packaging, has introduced a new coating called Bairicade XT. Benefits of the new water-based product include reduced costs and the ability for coating and printing in-line on high-speed flexo and rotogravure printing processes

Bairicade XT coating, with global patents pending, provides extended shelf life for products such as snacks, nuts, seeds, seasonings, candy, coffee, and tea packages. A clear, ultra-thin oxygen barrier coating uses 50% less water than previous coatings. With less drying requirement, shorter ovens are sufficient and press speeds can be increased.

The coating supports sustainability programs with source reduction and elimination of highly chlorinated alternative coatings, and it will compost with current bio-film products. The new coating has been approved for indirect food contact by the US FDA.

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