Back to School For a Greener Planet

CHICAGO, IL | CardPak, Solon, OH, held its fourth annual Environmental Expo, “An Education in Sustainability,” on November 1. President Tony Petrelli welcomed 200 dinner guests, who were treated to great night views of the Chicago skyline from the Adler Planetarium, an exhibit featuring Astronaut James Lovell, and an economics lesson from Dr. Ron Nahser.

Nahser, managing director of Corporantes and a Senior Wicklander Fellow at DePaul Univ.'s Inst. for Business and Professional Ethics, challenged attendees with these questions:

  • What is a good life — and your role — in a finite world?
  • What do we as a society need?
  • How do we achieve our sustainability goals?

By asking the right questions and facing these challenges, a company can determine what investments need to be made for the future. Nahser then presented steps organizations can follow to explore and interpret the data and make responsible decisions toward an action plan.

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