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  • PressAccess Rolls Out Recycling Option


    CardPak Inc., Solon, OH, received an Evolution in Manufacturing award from Smart Business magazine honoring companies that have adopted green initiatives in their manufacturing practices.

  • Heidelberg USA, Kennesaw, GA, has launched a web portal dedicated to exploring sustainable solutions for the printing industry. Visit

  • Tralin Pak Automates Line With Martin Splicer, Rewind


    Smurfit-Stone Image Pac, Creve Coeur, MO, earned ten awards, including a gold, at this year's Point of Purchase Advertising Intl.'s Outstanding Marketing at Retail awards competition. The gold award was for Eastman Kodak's Canadian Tire ESP-3 Full Pallet Display.

  • Smurfit-Stone Container Corp., Chicago, IL, announced three recipients of its 2008 Plant of Year Award, the company's highest honor. The plants — Cameo Container box plant in Chicago; the Coshocton, OH, containerboard mill; and the Ft. Lauderdale, FL, recycling plant — were recognized for outstanding performance in the areas of safety, productivity, quality, and customer support.

The Access Group has launched GreenAccess, a service designed to allow printers to become their own recyclers. GreenAccess will evaluate a shop, assess its material handling needs, and install any needed recycling equipment (shredders, balers, compactors, etc.) at no upfront cost to the printer. GreenAccess charges a flat fee per pound to handle the scrap and coordinates pickup and delivery of the recycled scrap between the printer and the mill. All fees and the cost of the recycling system are deducted from the increased waste revenue.

Press Combines Economy & Ecology


For more information or to schedule a free analysis of your shop's productivity and recycling efficiency, contact Jennifer Meich-Elrod at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Martin Automatic received its third order from Tralin Pak, a Chinese converter of aseptic packaging materials. For a new production line in its third mega-factory in the heart of the dairy belt in Inner Mongolia, Tralin Pak chose a Martin Turret Butt Splicer (MTB) and a rewinder (RMAP) to be installed on a new high-speed BHS (Gallus) press. The press will be running paperboard at speeds to 500 mpm.

Green Packaging Solution for Fish


▶Martin Automatic |
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▶BHS/Gallus |
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Proving that eco-friendliness and economy are not mutually exclusive, ABC Print Group — which has been printing for more than a year with a Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 with an Anicolor short inking unit — reports it has saved more than 32 tons of paper and reduced the impact on the environment by around 40 tons of CO2 for the year. The press can be set up to print coated or textured paper, board, or envelopes in less than seven minutes. The company also is enjoying savings in labor costs and electricity.

▶Heidelberg |
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Mondi, in cooperation with the Spanish corrugated board association and corrugated board producers, has developed the Afcofish Tray for Carrefour, which was looking for a more sustainable packaging solution for fresh fish packed on ice compared to an EPS tray. Mondi's barrier liner concept is said to allow considerable weight reduction in liner and fluting material and cost-effective use of recycled materials. It is fully recyclable, watertight, and offers a high degree of moisture vapor barrier, the company reports.

▶Mondi AG |
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Preset, Print, Perfect Board

Speedmaster XL 105-P press with perfecting device can print and perfect at speeds to 15,000 sph. End-to-end preset abilities coupled with enhanced three-drum perfecting system are claimed to ensure easy operation for challenging print jobs. Print and perfect up to 24-pt board at a maximum sheet size of 750 × 1050 mm. Operators can preset press by entering sheet size and thickness during the estimating or prepress processes or directly at the press. It can be preset for the amount of blast and suction air in the feeder, as well as for functions related to sheet transfer, the perfecting device, and the delivery. Reduces makeready time and guarantees accuracy, the company says.

▶Heidelberg | 770-419-6600 |
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Increase Bond Strength of Adhesives

Dyne-A-Mite IT atmospheric plasma treater is said to increase bond strength for both hot melt and cold glue adhesives for improved performance in folder/gluer operations. Also said to increase folding carton production speeds and generate cost savings by allowing the use of less expensive adhesives and eliminating the need for mechanical surface preparations such as glue flap roughening and perforating.

▶Enercon Industries Corp. | 262-255-6070 |
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Press-Test Forms Improve Printing

Two offset press-test forms fit large-format presses, eliminating the need for extra stepping. The 35×50-in. form is run on press sheets with width sizes ranging from 51-56 in., and the 42×62-in. form is for press sheets with width sizes ranging from 63-65 in. Forms are designed to assess press attributes and print conditions objectively, to analyze printing problems, control color conditions, achieve quality printing with less waste, and optimize press performance with reduced makeready time.

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