Pamarco Joins Others in AICC Program

ROSELLE, NJ | Pamarco, Absolute Engineering, JB Machinery, and Printron have announced their commitment to join the AICC Education Investor program. The intention of this endeavor is to provide a knowledge base for today’s corrugated converters and for future members of this industry. As investors, the companies will partner with AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, and The Packaging School to build online courses designed to optimize the flexographic printing process for the corrugated industry.

These companies believe that by partnering together and providing the industry and its employees access to the latest information and quality education, it will ensure the growth and continued success of the corrugated business. Because performance and efficiency improve through education, shared information promotes industry-wide improvement and sustainability, they say, adding that this program is a giant step for the whole of the corrugated community.

Mike D’Angelo, VP of the AICC, says, “We are pleased to have Absolute Engineering, JB Machinery, Pamarco, and Printron join this important program designed to advance the corrugated industry. The skill and knowledge this team will bring the program is very valuable not just to the AICC but the industry at large. We thank the leadership of these great companies for having the vision to come to AICC with the suggestion to combine their strengths in a single AICC Education Investment. We hope this can serve as a template for other AICC Associate Members to join the program as thought leaders in the industry.”

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