Farmografica Installs Eco-Eagle Cold Foil System

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA | Eagle Systems Inc. announced the completed installation of its Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system at the Argentinian headquarters of Farmografica S.A., one of the top paperboard manufacturers in Latin America. The Eagle System was installed in March and operates in unison with the company’s KBA eight-color press (KBA 105 - 8 + L Model 2014).

“The installation of this new concept of printing and finishing opens a new door to creativity and innovation,” notes Martin Esposito, operational manager, Farmografica. “We’ve positioned ourselves as the only printer in Argentina with such a technology. Its impact is not only an advantage for our customer, but an incredible differentiator for our business. The Eagle System has worked perfectly, dazzling us with every new project, and making our prints pop with unprecedented finishes. Just as impressive is how easy it is to operate and its versatility. All of which has been reflected in the variety and quality of the finished work.”

Farmografica is not a packaging company, it’s a company that provides a service, the end result being a cardboard container. “Our philosophy is based on our understanding of the great hotels of the world, where the most important thing is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, always trying to understand, help, and serve. Since our customer's happiness is our happiness. Our philosophy is easily reflected in the Eagle systems. Mike King, owner and developer of the Eagle system, finds the same passion and vocation in work as we do in Farmografica,” adds Esposito.

Farmografica made the decision to include the Eagle System as a priority in their investments after extensive competitive research. “We visited two companies that were already working with Eagle. Fortunately, both of them were very open and able to speak thoroughly about it. Their response was that of overwhelming satisfaction with their new printing possibilities, while exceeding customers’ expectations. For us, Eagle Systems opens doors to new markets.”

The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil System

The Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system is a value-added finishing technique for cold foil applications. The add-on system can retrofit to new or existing 28-in. up to 80-in. sheetfed offset presses from most major press manufacturers. It offers users the flexibility to apply a single 40-in. width of foil or multiple widths of foil, in any combination, as narrow as 2 in. This ability greatly reduces foil cost and consumption. In addition, the cold foil system operates on about the same amount of electricity as a 1,500 watt hair dryer, reducing energy demands in production environments.

The Eco-Eagle system provides the benefits of high quality performance and reliability, as well as efficient machineability and cost effectiveness. Spot or overall foil coverage is printed inline and then overprinted at standard press speeds. The process uses standard printing plates and features setup times of less than 10 minutes. Eco-Eagle is completely automated thereby eliminating the human interface and operator/machine intervention.


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