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NEWPORT BEACH, CA | Smart Planet Technologies and Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions, Cranford, NJ, announce a strategic collaboration to evaluate the use of Smart Planet Technologies’ EarthCoating technology in recyclable barrier paperboard solutions.

Newark is a specialist in the collection of secondary fibers and the manufacturing and converting of 100% recycled paperboard in the US and Canada. Smart Planet Technologies, a materials intellectual property company focused on sustainability for the packaging industry.

According to the companies, barrier packaging materials traditionally used in forming hot/cold paper cups, ice cream containers, and folding cartons coated with 100% PE or similar materials are poor candidates for recycling, with low value if reclaimed, and are often destined for the landfill. Smart Planet Technologies is working with Newark to confirm that select grades of paperboard can be commercially recycled as light and heavy print bleached board cuttings, providing economic and environmental gains. In addition, this solution is said to provide great potential for the post-consumer recyclability of barrier-coated packaging.

Reportedly, EarthCoating technology may offer a recyclable solution for the approximately 2 million tons of 100% PE-coated boards produced in the US annually. Upon confirmation of EarthCoating’s recyclability, Newark plans to lead the promotion and acceptance of the materials as recyclable within the recycling industry.

“EarthCoating holds the potential to address the long-standing challenge in the difficulty of processing paperboards with 100% polyethylene in the recycling stream,” says Johnny Gold, senior VP at Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions. “The rates of recycling of folding cartons, paper cups, and corrugated materials all stand to benefit from this technology. If the pilot runs prove successful, this will be an exciting development for the recycling industry,” says Gold.

“EarthCoating is engineered for improved processing in the recycling process,” says Chris Tilton, chief technology officer of Smart Planet Technologies. “Coated paperboards that traditionally have been undesirable for recyclers can become premium reclaimed materials. We appreciate the willingness of Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions to evaluate and potentially promote the recyclability of paperboard coated with EarthCoating.”

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