RISI Studies Chinese Boxboard Markets


BEIJING, CHINA | RISI, the information provider for the global forest products industry, announces the release of the China Boxboard Study, which analyzes China's current boxboard market, forecasts supply and demand, and details end-use consumption patterns.

According to Ken Waghorne, VP Packaging, RISI, "China is the largest boxboard consumer in Asia and has accounted for more than 50% of total Asian boxboard consumption since 2004. We expect Chinese boxboard demand to continue to grow through 2016. In this study, we have examined the macroeconomic trends contributing to this growth, as well as the growth fundamentals in 15 major downstream industrial segments."

On the supply side, China's share of total Asian capacity increased from 30% in 2000 to nearly 60% in 2010. The nation's capacity growth is expected to reach a record high of 12.8% in 2012, and will be even higher in 2013.

Economist Han Yao, Asian Paper Packaging, RISI, is the study's lead author. He says, "For virgin cartonboard grades, capacity expansion is expected to hold a double-digit pace in the medium term, which is far above the demand growth trend. Oversupply will force producers to expand channels into external markets, making China a net exporter of boxboard. As China becomes a more influential player in the global boxboard market, it will be critical for boxboard manufacturers and suppliers to the industry to better understand what drives the market here.”

Following are some of the study highlights:

• China boxboard demand, supply and trade dynamics from 2006–2016

• Exclusive analysis of major players as well as market structure by major sub-grades

• Boxboard demand composition and a bottom-up forecast focused on the top 15 end-use markets.

• Profile of the major Chinese producers and industry competitive landscapes

• Comparative analysis of European-made folding boxboard, Chinese-made ivoryboard, and North American-made folding cartonboard

• Global trade implications of China's ascent in the global boxboard industry.

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