FAS Bag Machine Offered in New Model

ARLÖV, SWEDEN | FAS Converting Machinery announces the Model QB1100X1 bag machine, said to provide a cost-effective solution for customers by targeting the machine’s capabilities at the most often used bag lengths and simplifying the servo controls and the sealing section.

The model will be able to produce at lines speeds of 180 mpm at bag length of 700 mm or longer. It will feature company’s sealing system, said to comprise the following features:

  • Sealing from both sides of the web enables precise seal temperature control with minimum dwell time.
  • Higher lines speeds are the result.
  • Relaxed (tension-free) sealing and cooling section.
  • Seal bars can be run in either a pulse or constant heat mode.
  • Optional print registration.
  • Infinite adjustment of perforation strength. In-line or out-of-line operation.
  • Higher cooling capacity as compared to older “B” models due to a cooling drum for increased positive seal strength integrity.
  • Web path has film exit at a convenient height for operators Sealing drum improvements for a positive web path with no jam-ups.
  • Seal bars are guided by cam followers. Seal bar motion is always the same, no matter the ambient temperature or humidity. Chain stretch is no longer an issue.
  • Lower production and maintenance cost when compared to older “B” models.
  • Seal bar chains are replaced by timing belts.
  • Quieter, smoother, cleaner operation, and no lubrication or maintenance is required.
  • Seal bars are quickly and easily removed from machine for servicing.

The new model has full internet connectivity for remote troubleshooting and production monitoring as well as on-board diagnostics and programmed preventative maintenance reminders as standard features.

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